A Mystery Business School

based on Energy Mastery

a journey from shadow to your Giant Divine Genius

Your dragon self is a uniquely coded version of yourself that carries with it majesty, magnificence and the ability to create magic.

It transcends the small human existence to become one of grandeur, playing by no one’s rules but its own. 

It’s true freedom. 

True creation power. 

The true euphoria of living. 

Dragon codes are potent and powerful, multidimensional and magical. 

And coded for creating wealth.

“Is this as good as it gets?” you wonder in the dead of the night as you toss and turn. That after all these years working on yourself and changing yourself so much, this is really it?

Yes, this is it. 

Because you slayed the dragon instead of becoming it. 

And because you slayed the dragon, you’ll never have access to your Giant Genius which is THE source of your magic, your true POWER, your creator’s euphoria, your SUPREME FREEDOM from the human condition and your true HOME. 

You thought you were on a journey to slay all the monsters, but you were really all along on a journey to become one. 

A fire breathing, iconic, trailblazing, reworking-the-world dragon, wielding its true treasure hoard of potent AF unique-to-you codes. 

The Dragon Academy is a path of self mastery and energy mastery.

On that solid foundation business success is inevitable as you submit to your Giant Divine Genius and take on the sacred stewardship of it and creating your business as priceless works of art. 

Eventually creating your Dragon Business and living a Waking Dream of pure euphoria.

It’s true luxury.

You are not meant to just have an easier life. 

You are meant to be a magnificent, majestic, and magical dragon that sets the world on fire and leaves chaos and destruction in its wake until Nothing is left… from which Void the Divine Myth of YOUR dragon world will be carefully crafted, by you.

This is the part that’s been missing from ALL personal transformation and empowerment methods and technologies. And why so many people end up walking on a treadmill of ‘working on themselves’, five years later still talking about the same issues, me included.

You were born, not to slay the monsters but to become one yourself.

And create your dragon world. 

That’s where your euphoria lies.

THAT is your true destiny. 

The Four Modules of the Dragon Academy

Each module is 3 months long, and must be taken in order to ensure a strong foundation before we uplevel. 

You want a business that will never collapse.

And a business that is created to be your greatest source of euphoria. 


The only thing preventing you from living your most euphoric Genius life – far more wild and magical than any life you can dream up – is your unwillingness to stop animating shadow.

ALL your life problems and struggles are caused by only one thing: Shadow codes.

Your negative thoughts. Your negative feelings. Your negative beliefs. Your self-sabotaging choices. 

The way your business is far from the success you want it to be. Difficulties creating money overflow in your business.

It’s ALL shadow code animation.

Shadow Alchemy is how you free yourself from the tyranny of shadow.


Building and growing a business is a skill.

It’s also your pure self-expression as a god artist. 

Your Genius wants to be turned into art with with you being the god creator. 

The more pure and precisely Genius the more potently activating is the magic of your business as art. 

Sharp energetic precision is always what makes great art great. 

Having no concern for energetic accuracy creates a murky mess that is unattractive and unmagnetic. 

It’s how your business becomes an infinite source of euphoria and wealth. 


Dark and potent is the Genius magic that exists in your bones.

This magic knows exactly how it wants to be wielded. 

It wants to be brought to life as a business empire, the only frame big and strong enough for its raging wild power. 

Here, it can unleash all its diamagnetic codes, becoming an irresistible beacon for your ideal clients. 

Here, it can open a portal in your body to an instant rich and lush money overflow.  

Here, it can craft exquisite opportunities out of nothing – it does not know imagination so therefore has no limits of imagination. 

Here, it can collapse time into Nothing – which is also eternity – as realities fold together and time warps.

This magic – and I’m not joking – is un-fucking-believably potent and powerful.

I’ve seen this magic create businesses that are true works of art in their supreme uniqueness and imperial brilliance. 

Each and every one of these businesses has been carefully crafted and curated, and brought to life solely and wholly as a pure expression of the person’s Genius and as a place to perform their unique magic.

More information coming soon


More information coming soon

We are made of stardust, assembled into mighty dragons.

Being a better human was never the spiritual endgame.

Being a dragon is.

one year to become a dragon
ONe YEAR to reach $50k months
One year to pure Genius euphoria

Dragon Academy is a year long program to help you free yourself from the tyranny of shadow so you can become the successful iconic leader you know you’re born to be, in a business that perfectly frames all your most potent magic. 

Watch as your Genius is unleashed, as you create your dragon business – piercing, inverted and unequaled and coded with wealth.

You never would’ve believed you had it in you.

Code Mastery - Code Upgrades - Code Activations

Monthly 6 hrs online workshop

Unlimited access to me in private online space

4 day retreat in Florence, Italy, at the end of the year

PS If you are well versed with Shadow Alchemy, for example by being one of my clients in the past, you can contact me about skipping the Shadow Alchemy Bootcamp. 

Module 1

Shadow Alchemy Bootcamp

Starts December 7 

The Myth of the Dragon Academy

He stopped in front of what looked like an ancient portal, made of rough hewn stones in various sizes and partly crumbled in some places, and beckoned me closer. 

“You have a choice now,” he said while I was studying the portal, wondering what was the significance of it since it looked exactly the same on the other side. “Beyond this portal is another world. Once you step through this portal you’ll exist in two places at once.”

He glanced at me to see if I was paying attention, which I was. It seemed there was more to this portal than met the eye, which made it highly likely that it was one of the mystical portals I had been searching for, for a long, long time.

“You will still be here, in your human body, living your Earth life. But you will also shapeshift into something else, something more, something very foreign to your human self,” he continued. “You’ll become truly multidimensional, existing both here and there at the same time. You’ll gain access to power and magic that is unimaginable to you now as stepping through will awaken your Giant Divine Genius.”

“But here is a warning. Once you’ve gone through the portal life changes its meaning. Things that mattered to you, will not matter any more. Things that your human self takes joy in, will no longer give you joy. This is the cost of stepping through this portal.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to go ahead with this even if I had sought it for my whole life. 

“You become an alien and as such human concerns are no longer of any interest to you.”

He stopped for a moment, as if pondering what to say next. Then he turned to me and looked me in the eyes to emphasize his next words. 

“Once you step through this, you’ll have accepted the sacred stewardship of your Genius. You’ll realize that this is what you have always longed for with every cell of your being, with every code of your consciousness and that is what has called you here. You’ll recognize it as your true spiritual home. Submitting to your Genius and the sacred stewardship of it means you’ll devote the rest of your existence to turning that Genius into art that will disrupt and change the world. Genius wants to be used, it wants to be turned into art and into a performance. And this, exactly this, will be your euphoria.”

“The good news for you, is that Genius is also coded with wealth,” he smiled at me, knowing I was one of those people for whom wealth was a turn on. 

“This is what I mean by shapeshifting into something else,” he said. “You’ll no longer have the same cares as before, you will only care about your Genius. And that is something that is truly alien to your human self.”

“It will not be easy, but the euphoria you’ll experience when you create feats of unimaginable magic is unlike anything you’ll ever have felt as a human. And that’s the reason you’ll never want to return to who you are now, even when your stewardship challenges you to take left turns that goes against everything you want,” he continued. 

“You’ll also find,” he pointedly looked at me, “that as time passes, the two worlds, the two dimensions you inhabit will blend and merge so that you’ll be living a waking dream. And unimaginably euphoric dream.”

“One last thing you should know, those of us who have stepped through call ourselves dragons as we are now alien and powerful, magical. We are extremely individuated in the stewardship of our Giant Divine Genius. We all have unique Genius codes that we mine to turn into our art and performance.”

He turned fully to face me, making sure I would know exactly what I was getting into. But how could I, really, when I hadn’t yet experienced what he was talking about. 

“Are you willing to sacrifice your life as a human and everything that mattered to you as human in order to shapeshift into a dragon and submit to your Giant Divine Genius and become the steward of it?”, he said, smoothly transitioning into the ritual phrases that would open the portal to me. 

Quickly checking in with myself if this was indeed what I wanted, and yes it was, I answered confidently, with the certain knowledge that this would be the end of my world, my life, as I have known it, “Yes, I am.”

“Only people who are absolutely certain of their choice will be able to open this portal. Do you have any doubts?”

“No, I no longer have doubts.”

“Your new world is a world of absolute candor. Your honesty with yourself and others must be savage. All shadow, all deceits small and large, all lies will be exposed by the nature of your new world. Are you willing and able to live by this, no matter how ugly the truth exposed may be?”

“Yes, I am”. 

I knew it would challenge me, that I would have to face ugly shadows residing out of sight deep in my psyche. But I was ready. I wanted my Giant Divine Genius and I wanted to shapeshift into a dragon. I was tired of human life, it held nothing of interest for me. 

He stepped aside and swept his arm toward the portal. 

“Then enter and be truly free.”

And with those last words reverberating through me, I walked up to the portal and stepped through. 

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