Your portal to freedom, power and euphoria

Your dragon self is a uniquely coded version of yourself that carries with it majesty, magnificence and the ability to create magic.

It transcends the small human existence to become one of grandeur, playing by no one’s rules but its own. 

It’s true freedom. 

True creation power. 

The true euphoria of living. 

Dragon codes are potent and powerful, multidimensional and magical. 

“Is this as good as it gets?” you wonder in the dead of the night as you toss and turn. That after all these years working on yourself and changing yourself so much, this is really it?

Yes, this is it. 

Because you slayed the dragon instead of becoming it. 

And because you slayed the dragon, you’ll never have access to your Giant Genius which is THE source of your magic, your true POWER, your creator’s euphoria, your SUPREME FREEDOM from the human condition and your true HOME. 

You thought you were on a journey to slay all the monsters, but you were really all along on a journey to become one. 

A fire breathing, iconic, trailblazing, reworking-the-world dragon, wielding its true treasure hoard of potent AF unique-to-you codes. 

You are not meant to just have an easier life. 

You are meant to be a magnificent, majestic, and magical dragon that sets the world on fire and leaves chaos and destruction in its wake until Nothing is left… from which Void the Divine Myth of YOUR dragon world will be carefully crafted, by you.

This is the part that’s been missing from ALL personal transformation and empowerment methods and technologies. And why so many people end up walking on a treadmill of ‘working on themselves’, five years later still talking about the same issues, me included.

You were born, not to slay the monsters but to become one yourself.

And create your dragon world. 

That’s where your euphoria lies.

THAT is your true destiny. 


one year container to become a dragon.

Code Mastery - Code Upgrades - Code Activations

ALL your life problems and struggles are caused by only one thing:  Shadow codes.

Your negative thoughts. Your negative feelings. Your negative beliefs. Your self-sabotaging choices. The way your life is so far from what you truly want it to be. 

All because of shadow codes. 

Difficulties creating money overflow in your business, feeling stuck in a job you hate but feel stuck in, relationship problems of all kinds, your children, you health, you name it. 

It’s ALL shadow code animation. 


Change your codes, and you will change how you think, how you feel, what you believe, the choices you make, and the actions you take. 

Change your codes and you will change yourself and your life. Completely.

Every single part of it. 

Dragon Academy is a new year long program to help you free yourself from the tyranny of shadow and create a solid shadow-free foundation, so that your future will always be successful, in all areas of your life.

Your Genius will be unleashed, you will create a lush money overflow as you create your dragon business – piercing, inverted and unequaled – and all your relationships morph into something extraordinary you never even knew was possible.

It’s the only way to become a master of your inner and outer life.

Monthly 6 hrs online workshop

Unlimited access to me in private online space

4 day retreat at the end of the year

Access to my digital business programs

4 months membership in Alchemy Academy and Spellbound Spa from Wild Dynasty


We are made of stardust, assembled into mighty dragons.

Being a better human was never the spiritual endgame.

Being a dragon is.

Questions? Send an email to guardian@metamystique.com.

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