Dragon Business Symposium

june 23

A human business is about helping other people.

A dragon business is about creating the exact experience you want to live most.

A dragon business wins in every department: your euphoria, your client result and money magic. 

To see what a real life dragon business looks like, watch this short video.

this is the business you've always secretly dreamed of creating but believed you couldn't have.

They tell you that the ‘riches are in the niches’.

“Wrong,” I say. 

They tell you that you will be more successful if you focus on fixing people’s problems. 

“Wrong,” I say.

They tell you that you must build a Facebook group, an Instagram following, a LinkedIn profile and become a content machine.

“Wrong,” I say.

They tell you that you need to network, be a guest on popular podcasts, give live presentations, get on the radio, on TV, in the magazines and the newspapers.

“Wrong,” I say.

They tell you that you need a fancy looking free pdf, a free digital program, a free masterclass, a free webinar, a free Facebook challenge, 

“Wrong,” I say.

They tell you need a low cost offer, a paid membership, a high end offer, a mastermind, an online offer. 

“Wrong,” I say.

They tell you that you have to have a fancy website, dazzling branding, perfect tech flow. 

“Wrong,” I say.

You don’t NEED any of this. 

You don’t need to do anything else but to unlock your dragon business.

Your dragon business will never conform to boxes, check lists or formulas, or follow any rules on how to do business, because it’s magnificently wild, created from and with your personal magic, and therefore a singular pure expression of your unique Genius codes. 

You are not here to fix people’s problems, that’s their own job. 

After all, dragons don’t do codependence. 

What you are here to do is create a unique coded experience. People will absorb the codes you give them, choosing as Sovereign beings how they will use those codes. And you don’t care how because you KNOW that some of them will want a LOT of your codes and become the most awesome clients you’ve ever dreamed of. Clients that are entirely on board with your wild dragon codes, unique chaos and insane magic.

Maybe it will ‘fix their problems’, maybe it won’t. 

(Of course it will, because the potency of your dragon business is so immense that it WILL fix problems for people without even trying.) 

But ‘fixing problems’ is easy to come by. After all there are millions of coaches and books and YouTube videos and programs for every problem under the sun. And that’s AWESOME. 

What YOU do with your dragon business, though, goes far beyond ‘fixing problems’. 

What exactly that is…?

That’s for you to discover, and the perfect place to discover it is the Dragon Business Symposium as I open the portal for your Genius and your dragon business to get activated.

Your dragon business is INSANE. 


Dragon Business Symposium

June 23

4 hrs masterclass


The Myth

Once upon a time – long ago when your spirit first became but also yet to come – a divine mandate was laid in your bones. 

This divine mandate was deeply woven into your very being, existing in your soul and spirit, in your body and mind, through untold lifetimes and until all lessons of survival were learned. Until the day arrived when you had experienced all you could experience as a human being. 

This day is here, now. 

It’s time for you to awaken the divine mandate that has been with you since your spirit first existed as a tiny spark of awareness. 

Clues of what it is are sprinkled all over your life and within yourself, woven like a golden thread through the tapestry of your life. 

You might say it’s the culmination of your journey.

It is. 

It is your divine mandate, has always been your divine mandate, and always will be your divine mandate.

It’s your Genius and your Dragon Business.

Go ahead, open the door. 

You want to know what your dragon business is. 

Don’t you?

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

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