Dragon codes:
portal to freedom, power and euphoria

You know that feeling of something really really big inside of you wanting to come out?

That big thing is not part of your human self.

It is your dragon self, a uniquely coded version of yourself that carries with it majesty, magnificence and the ability to create magic.

It transcends the small human existence to become one of grandeur, playing by no one’s rules but its own.

It’s very true freedom exists.
True creation power.
True euphoria of living.

Dragon codes are potent and powerful, multidimensional and magical.

Get your dragon codes activated.

Get your dragon on

When you shapeshift into a dragon – and submit to your  Genius because those two things go together – you have no idea what you’ll be creating.

Whatever it is, it’ll take you right to everything mystique and magic, wild and wonderful.

Activation of your dragon codes is by nature extremely individuated, as you are a unique person with a unique Genius on a unique mystical journey to create a unique dragon business.
Your code upgrades, activations, and/or inversions will achieve any or all of the following:
* Unhook you from your shadow
* Empty you of content that keeps magic at bay
* Activate dormant Genius codes
* Deliver new codes to your field
* Invert the codes
Turn you into a dragon.
I often channel information on your Genius as well.
What exactly will happen for and to you depends on what’s going on in your life right now.
Of course, codes are always current.
This workshop is for people who long to step through the portal to their dragon self, to experience massive uplevels in not only their business but in all areas of life, and to set their personal magic free.
DragonGate is formatted like a mastermind, where you take turns getting my undivided focus for your unique upgrade.
You will also receive codes indirectly – but not less powerfully – when you experience me upgrade other participants.


July 28

6 hrs workshop

4 x 90 min

between 12 and 8pm CET


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The Myth

In the middle of Nowhere (but really also in the middle of Everywhere), you’ll find a bit of an old wall with a rusty gate set in it. 

While it’s just a bit of a crumbling wall and a gate, it’s also clear that something strange is happening here. 

Because, no matter how hard you try, there’s a shimmering veil preventing you from looking through this gate. 

The veil extends across the entire universe, it has no end, no beginning. It is. 

But when you walk around the ruin, which you can, since it’s just a bit of old wall in the middle of nowhere in particular, the veil is still there. 

Still ending this universe. 

Still behind the gate. 

Even if you are also behind the gate.

It defies all reason. 

It is not possible according to the laws of the universe.

This universe.

The veil shimmers. 

Behind it, pure power THRUMS!

Behind it, a vast impersonal presence is felt. Vast almost beyond comprehension.

And it’s calling you. It’s been calling you for a long time while you first ignored the calling and then tried to answer that calling. 

Until one day you ended up here. 

In front of an impossibility. 

An alien universe behind.

Which you know is your true home. 

You also know, without knowing, a knowing rising deep from within your bones  that the price for going home is the sacrifice of your human-ness.  

Everything that is you, that you have come to BELIEVE is you, MUST be sacrificed. 


Got questions? 

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