July 19 - 29, 2023
6 spots only

The veil between the worlds is thin in many places in Iceland, and we will go there.
Glaciers and snow in June. 
Volcanoes shifting the ground before erupting, fiery lava pouring out. 
Rivers and lakes and rain and the ocean. 
The winds that never stop. 
Nature spirits. 
Other realms.
Planetary power place.
Raw Earth codes.
Grounded and spiritual. 
Earthy and cosmic.
Dragon’s lair. 



If you already know you are going, I recommend you reserve yourself a spot, since the trip is limited to 6 people. You can use these links below to put in a downpayment to reserve your spot, or pay in full. 

You will want to arrive in Iceland no later than July 19 and leave on July 30. 

As details land, they will be emailed to you when you sign up below. 

Although some it will have to remain a surprise ;).

I can’t wait. 

more Details forthcoming

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