December 1 - 5, 2022

A lineage of Seers and Mystics from many cultures and throughout thousands of years have encoded layer after layer of codes into these temples and this land. 

It was their sacred task to lay down these codes in preparation for the next age, when a new lineage of spiritual blacklight Darkworkers would come seeking these codes to deepen their immersion in their Genius world.

It’s time now, for the first time ever, to visit this island in the sun and activate the codes to in turn be activated by them.

Codes of … things the world has forgotten.

Codes of … multidimensional realities and how to travel to and from and between them.

Codes of … a way of living that arise from deep within your bones instead of your mind.

Codes of … unimaginable freedom. 

Codes of … a god’s creativity and creative power and creative will.

Codes of … your Giant Divine Genius and most potent magic.

Codes for … creating a portal to your Genius world and then step through it to immerse yourself in it forever. 

Codes to … take up the sacred stewardship of your Genius. 

Codes to awaken the dragon that sleeps deep within your bones so you may complete your spiritual journey.

It’s the life that beckons you with a silent whisper in the depth of your mind as you hover on the edge of sleep, the time when your mind has completed its mind games for the day: Come find me. 

The reason that nothing really satisfies you for long. 

The call of your Giant Divine Genius. 

This is a mystical pilgrimage of supreme, pure quality and has been carefully crafted to ensure you’ll get the most potent and powerful experience.

This is not just a mystical tour but an unparalleled pilgrimage to your Giant Divine Genius, which holds all the codes to the outrageously free and wild life as a god that you were born for.  

You’ll receive sacred, mystical and powerful activations from not only visiting numerous of Malta’s Sacred Sites and Power Places woven together in a precisely crafted experience, but also from traveling within the portal field of MetaMystique.

The full effect of this pilgrimage will only slowly reveal itself during the next several months after your return.

The Pilgrimage

Below is an overview of what this pilgrimage might include.

The exact sites and places we’ll be visiting will only make themselves known to us the day before. 


Malta is a unique island located in the center of the Mediterranean. 

Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Aragonese, Hospitallers, French, and British people have all left their mark on this island.

Megalithic temples

Malta is home to a number of us megalithic temples, dating from 2500 BC.

We will visit several of these temples for code activations. 


We’ll visit historical sites, such as churches, buildings and ruins from different ages.

We will also explore places in nature, be they caves, beaches or hilltops. 

The towns

The architecture of Malta is a mixture from many cultures which makes it unique in the world. 

As we wind our way from power place to sacred site to power place to sacred site throughout the four days, you’ll have many chances to savor the sheer beauty of Malta.


Mdina is known as the silent city. The energy here is absolutely magical, and the city is beautiful beyond words, small as it is. 

According to legend, Paul the Apostle lived here for a while after having been shipwrecked.


Malta’s sister island is home to unspoilt nature and many sacred sites and power places, one of which is the Callypso’s Cave, where she held Homer captive. 

We’ll spend 2 nights on Gozo. 

Malta mysteries practical matters

You will want to arrive in Malta no later than November 30 as the pilgrimage starts on December 1 with breakfast, and leave no earlier than December 5 as it ends on December 4 after dinner. 


We will spend most of our time outdoors so make sure you bring suitable clothes and shoes for walking long distance and some light hiking, as well as weather proof outer wear. 

As it can get chilly sitting still, or even lying in the grass, for an extended time make sure to pack for layering. 

Bring a small day pack for water, snacks and extra clothes. 


This trip will be beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  


Single room accommodation for 5 nights

All meals

All  entrance fees

All transportation December 1-4 

Questions? Send an email to [email protected].

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