A mystical pilgrimage out of this spacetime and into your Genius world

Gitte will:

Unlock the codes embedded in power places and sacred sites

Unravel the energetic instructions that will open a portal to another realm or dimension

Facilitate code upgrades and a shape shift into your powerful, magnificent, magical dragon self

Create a portal for you to enter and experience your own unique Genius dragon world

Remove you from the timeline to enter time bubble where time is impossibly expanded

Open a gate for you to skip ahead into the future

Create the most magical week of your life. Ever.

A Power Place hosts a specific Power, Dark or Wild Genius code in extremely high concentration, far beyond that of normal planet Earth and far beyond what normally exists in our consciousness.

On the MetaMystique Pilgrimages we submerge ourselves in these higher codes by visiting as many Power Places as we can. 

When you visit a Power Place, the sheer amount and potency of the higher code present at this place – it’s palpable – will activate the dormant same codes in your body, rapidly and powerfully, purging your system of shadow codes which can’t exist in the presence of these higher codes.

As these codes pass through you, they activate more and more of those same higher codes in your body. And the beauty of it is, there’s no limit to how many of those codes you can have activated. In fact, the more the better.

Flooding your human system with these newly activated higher codes will erode and erase your human self, and detach you ever more from your human life and your human concerns until it’s all gone, and the only life you’ve lived is this pilgrimage.

It’s a mystical experience that I’ve not experienced at any other time, in any other setting, and I’m not sure it’s possible because in any other setting.

Doing this over and over and over on a pilgrimage by visiting several Power Places each day for a week or more, is how we’re able to leave this world and enter into another dimension, separate from the spacetime dimension of this Earth life, and travel deep into the frequency and dimension of our Genius dragon worlds.

And stay there for what feels like eternity.  

Your system is being saturated with higher codes and you end up feeling both more grounded than ever before and not being here at all, because you are and you aren’t. 

It’s also why everything can be to your exact taste, to everyone’s exact taste, even if we’re different people with unique personalities, interests, and tastes: because operating on higher codes it cannot not be to our taste.

(When I design a pilgrimage according to my exact taste, I know it will be just as much to your exact taste.)

It’s why, when you come back, you’re a new person, having shapeshifted into someone with a radically upgraded consciousness operating system – and trust me, it’ll be exactly the shapeshifting you’ve been dying for. 

It’s why a pilgrimage is always a Waking Dream and exactly how you always wanted to live life without even knowing it. 

It’s time to join a pilgrimage and experience it for yourself. 

Upcoming Pilgrimages Of Power

January 30 – February 8, 2023

April 12-20, 2023

July 19-29, 2023

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

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