A 3 hrs learning-by-doing live workshop on Shadow Alchemy

Mastering Shadow Alchemy makes you a Master of Energy.
Being a Master of Energy makes you a Master of Manifestation. 
Being a Master of Manifestation opens a portal to your Dragon Business, coded with your unique Genius, magic and wealth. 
Your Genius is your true source of divine euphoria, and an unimaginable life. 

Your Path to your Genius and your Dragon Business starts with mastering the art and science of Shadow Alchemy.

Hi Gitte! So I did my IG live stream and it went great! I realized how I actually LOVE speaking on video and freely expressing what matters to me. I don’t know what kind of glitch in my brain that fear was. It feels crazy to see how much I was limiting myself by animating the Prostitute archetype

Also the energy has spiked since the SA Lab. There is something I noticed about being in your field. I was much more focused and detached from all the inner bullshit in your presence. It’s like I shifted to a more powerful version of myself as soon as I joined the call. 

I felt exhausted too after the session itself, but the next day I noticed that the increase of power persisted.

I’ve been dabbling with SA for the past few months, but I’ve never dived so deeply into the process as in the Lab. 

I have more clarity now about how to do this, and how important it is to seal the transition with an action.

Vera N.

Shadow Alchemy is the precise art of energetically upgrading the operating system of your consciousness from Shadow – which is survival oriented – to Power  – which is oriented toward manifestation mastery. 
The concept is easy to understand but it’s not easy to nail the precision required to alchemize your shadow code into a power code for an instant code upgrade.
It’s an energetic and consciousness upgrade, not a thought, feeling or belief upgrade; those are a natural result of the alchemical upgrade. 
Most people, even people who have known Shadow Alchemy for a while, struggle with both core shadow identification, because they don’t go deep enough, and with nailing the exact power rant that will give you that instantaneous code upgrade.
Once you nail both, the alchemy will instantly turn you into the unstoppable, unfuckwithable powerful commander and creator of every single part of your life.

In this Shadow Alchemy LAB, I’ll walk you through one round of Shadow Alchemy with coaching, feedback and further teachings  to make sure Shadow Alchemy works exactly as it’s meant to for you.

This is a great workshop for you to attend to work on your mastery of Shadow Alchemy, whether you’re an old-timer wanting a refresh and update, or a beginner who is struggling with figuring out how to do this. 

The LAB Experience was exactly that – a liberating, exciting and scary experience!

Gitte makes you dig deep and face your shadows, admit that you actually love them and refuse to get rid of them. This gives us an inside view into our core where we prefer not to go. But with Gitte‘s insistence there is no escape.

We had to dig those little – or huge for that matter – fuckers out of our core and get rid of them if we want any change in our lives. And boy, did we dig. 

When I got stuck with giving voice to my rebel Child shadow, Gitte gave it words that were such a precise expression of exactly what I felt that I was in awe.

After the LAB Experience I felt emptied, relieved and ready to to continue on get rid of the shadows that have plagued me for years.

I still have a lot of work to do but this LAB Experience certainly put me on the road I desire to travel.

Jóhanna K. T.

I’ve dabbled with the archetypes before but was never entirely convinced by the Light [Power] and Shadow aspects that conventional teachers talked about.  It all felt a bit too twee.

When I came across the concept of countering the 4 survival archetypes with 4 power archetypes I was intrigued.  But it was only when I encountered Gitte with her calm, confident, yet completely honest approach, that I started listening and learning properly.  

When Gitte introduced and explained shadow euphoria, suddenly all the bits of the jigsaw that I had been waiting for began to fall into place.  I listened to her free stuff and had a bash at alchemising shadow myself.  I made some small headway but it made me realise that if I was to really learn how, I needed the help of an expert, so I signed up for the Shadow Alchemy LAB.

Gitte took each one of us through our individual shadow issues, so we were all learning about different shadows. I was totally amazed when she pinpointed the specific shadow that I personally needed to deal with, and how to do that.  The whole session totally exceeded my expectations and I can’t recommend the Shadow Alchemy LAB highly enough. 

Kim B. 

Shadow Alchemy LAB

Monday, February 6
3 – 5.30 pm CET

The Alchemy Lab helped me cut straight through my shadow with the blade of TRUTH. I was able to discover how much euphoria was attached to not showing up to be who I say I am. I learned so much. I intend to continue to work with Gitte- I’ll definitely be in the next lab!

Daphney Thomas

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