The Art of Business & Your Business as Art

Building and growing a business means learning new skills and learning a new way of thinking, which you then turn into potent, magnetic, impactful Genius business art. 

Your Genius carries within it extremely powerful business and wealth codes.

These codes, when activated, become a shining beacon for your most ideal clients, they craft opportunities out of thin air, and are your portal to magical money overflow. 

Steward of Genius is a 3 months journey of discovering the exact tone of your Giant Divine Genius through massive actions as you hone in on the purest, sharpest expression of it in every single aspect of your business.

The Truth That Cuts

Your Genius is divine and divinely pure, and such purity cuts like the sharpest of blades. 

Cuts through all the illusions, cultural trances, societal norms, shadow bs, emotional drama, minimization, denials, fantasies and wishful thinking and exposes the harsh truth. 

The one that no one else dares to expose because it rocks the boat and no one likes you to do so. 

It’s the kind of truth that your soul clients have longed to hear their entire life. 

Truth that cuts to the core of who a person is and what matters to them. 

The kind of sharp truth that cuts open a portals in our normal spacetime to new realities

Your soul clients want EXACTLY this from you. 

Creating your Genius business is an exercise in fine tuning your ability to discover this sharpest of purity and present it precisely. 

This is what being the Steward of your Genius means. 

You’ll have to dig into your bones for the Dark Truth.

And then weave it into the sharpest and purest blade of truth, to wield in all aspects of your business.  

The call of your giant divine genius

We are in the age of Extreme Individuation.

Your authentic, crazy, weird, wild, unfiltered, unapologetic, uncompromising, exactly-what-you-love-most, bold, audacious, preposterous, divine self needs to shine through every aspect of your business.

This module is all about nailing your iconic voice, your iconic way of marketing, your iconic offers, your iconic branding, your iconic way of selling, your iconic everything in business.

Marketing Magic

Potent marketing creates your sales for you. 

Marketing is a SKILL that needs to be learned, nobody is born knowing how to create great marketing.

Scrolling through FB, I see a gazillion posts that on the surface sound awesome but leave me with no memory of what I just read. 

Bland and generic, skimming the surface, repeating the same catch phrases depending on what’s ‘in’ right now, and never digging deep and exposing the deeper truth… It’s what you see everywhere. 

These posts rock no boats and leave you uninterested in following up with that person. 

Impotent, is what they are.  

There is nothing in those posts that make you go “Wow, this is SO me and I didn’t even know it. But now that I’m reading this, holy shit does this land with a big bang. Let me check out more of her stuff.”

Those kinds of posts are a dime a dozen and are a waste of your time. 

Writing good marketing is a SKILL to be learned. 

And it’s an ART.

Where you put your own particular writer’s flavour to it and your voice comes through loud and clear. 

Your style of writing is instantly recognizable. 

Where you talk about what matters to you.

The art of turning the life you are living right now into great marketing content. 

Where you carefully lead the reader through a story to arrive at an end point selected by you. 

And they get to experience YOU. 

Take the SKILL of marketing and the ART of marketing and then add a generous dollop of your unique GENIUS magic.

Codes that are sourced from your very bones and are beyond brilliant and savagely honest.

Now, you can create marketing content that stops people in their tracks, and smacks them in the face with the deep truth you’ve exposed for them. 

Sharp, piercing, pure.

Truth like they’ve never known before. 

Or you show them a portal into your alien dragon world through weaving a myth that speaks not to their minds but resonates deeply in their body and soul and spirit. 

Or you invite them on a quest, into a mystery that sends out a clarion call that only your soul clients can hear. 

With this Genius coded marketing…

Sales come naturally.  

precision offers

Magical sales happen when your most potent and powerful codes are laser focused into an extremely precise offer, energetically and practically.

Instead of being all over the place with your offer, uncertain of what is the right thing, afraid of losing out on sales by choosing… hone in on exactly what your most powerful magic is and offer only that. 

Instead of an offer that ticks all the boxes according to the specialists, choose the one that makes your heart sing and sets your blood on fire.

Instead of creating an offer based on your skills and what you have a lot of experience with and therefore makes sense to turn into a business, Genius asks you to take a leap of faith and step into an even bolder and bigger world of powerful magic.

Genius is Truth, a journey of Truth. 

Your current truth is always the most magnetic and activating to sell.

Creating money overflow in your spiritual business is a journey which always starts from right here, right now, with the energetic and factual truth of your current reality. 

There are no shortcuts, although you can collapse time. 

You collapse time by making sure your offer is extremely magnetic. 

The most magnetic offer is based on what is true for you right now, right where you are standing in your current business reality. 

It may not be what you wish to do forever, it may not be what you dream of, but it is nonetheless the Truth of this very moment.

And an offer based on the current Truth will ALWAYS hold far more power and magnetism than anything repeated from the past (which now has stagnant energy), or the wished for truth of your business dream (which you are not yet an energetic match for). 

It will ALWAYS be the most attractive to clients. It will always be the most activating to them – and YOU. 

People want to buy the most potent Truth. 

But finding the precise offer of Truth in the swirling morass of everything you can do and help people with, what you have done in the past, what other people tell you should be doing, and what you dream of doing… 

It is NOT easy.

Steward of Genius is the second Dragon Academy module where the focus is on you becoming intimately acquainted with your Genius.

You will learn to feel it, sense it, recognise it.

You will learn to activate it and know when it’s guiding your actions, and when it’s not.

You will learn to recognise Genius Commands and experience the magic that happens when you do.

In every aspect of your business, you’ll sharpen the tone so it is pure Genius, your Genius. 

Unmistakable. Disruptive. Mystical. Powerful. 

3 months to become intimate with the tone and sharp purity of your genius. 

3 months to create your business as a masterpiece of genius art.

Steward of genius

3 x 2 hrs live coaching each month

Private online space for daily mentoring and feedback

December 8, 2022 – March 8, 2023. 

Pay in Full: €4.8k

Payment plan: 3 x €1.6k

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- and i'll see you behind the curtain, in your genius magic

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