Some people are dragons. 




Hint of danger

Code Weavers


And you need to OWN that you’re a dragon and set yourself free to LIVE and DO BUSINESS as a dragon.

Fellow dragons-in-human-disguise…

It’s time to complete the shapeshifting and unleash that fierceness and commanding presence and hint of danger and wield your powerful codes to create your world. 

The Shapeshifter Portal  starts March 1 but is open for late enrollment until March 8. 

There’ll still be a big focus on Shadow Alchemy because the dragon and your Genius is hidden underneath your shadows. 

Plus, you still want to code upgrade yourself to success; creating success is, after all, quintessential dragon nature. 


The Shapeshifter Portal is also living and doing business as a dragon instead of as a human. 

To unbecome being a human angel. 

To unlearn everything you’ve learned about ‘how to’ and find your own dragon truth about EVERYTHING in life. 

The Shapeshifter portal

3 x 90 min live coaching each month

Private online space for daily mentoring and feedback

3 months, starting March 1

Pay in Full: €3.9k

Payment plan: 3 x €1.3k

Choose Your Payment

- and i'll see you in the portal

The dragon creed

I trust myself. 

I refuse to live in a world when I can’t trust myself. I trust myself to not abandon myself. I trust myself to have my own back. I trust myself to do the work. Not trusting myself is shadow and can be alchemized. 

I know. I always know.

And if I don’t know right now, I wait until I do know. Trying to figure something out is shadow and can be alchemized. 

I will leave no shadow unalchemized.

Taking full responsibility for myself, my life and my business means I take full responsibility for alchemizing a shadow as soon as it appears. 

I act on my intuition immediately. 

I have faith that intuition is always the fastest way to my dream come true and therefore I choose to follow it unquestioningly and unhesitatingly, even when it makes zero sense. I learn to trust my intuition by continuing to alchemize shadow and by trusting. I let intuition show me the path to walk. 

I do exactly what shadow tells me not to do.

I refuse to live a life controlled by the fears that shadow throws at me. When shadow says to not do something because of the ‘inevitable’ negative consequences, I’ll test it to find out what the actual truth is. I will not take shadows word for it.

I have the power to create clients and cash. 

I am the sole creator of my life. That means my life is the way it is because that’s exactly the way I want it. I take full ownership and command of my life. And that means I do whatever it takes to give it the shape I have the most taste for living. 

I believe in magic.

I have experienced enough magic in my life that I know it’s just a question of energy mastery to create it at will. Energy mastery starts with Shadow Alchemy. 

My most powerful magic is divine truth, coded with a dragon’s wealth.

I dare to know my most powerful magic, because as scared as I am, my whole being is longing to live it. Only shadow is in the way of me living it. 

From $0 to $9500 per month in 3 months. That was my very first results from Shadow Alchemy.

I’ve never ever imagined I could make that much money, ever.

When I started Shadow Alchemy, I was convinced €3000 was my max. 

Dedicated Shadow Alchemy was the beginning of the path that eventually took me to €50k+ cash months.

If I can do it, you can do it.

a quick word about money

ALL your money problems and struggles are caused by only one thing:  Shadow codes.

How little money you make.

How little is stays around when you make it.

How your debts keep increasing no matter what. 

Difficulties creating money overflow in your business even if you do all the ‘right things’.

It’s ALL shadow animation. 


Change your codes, and you will change how much money you make, how magical your business is, how easy you make sales, how powerful your marketing is. 

“Euphoria has always been a taste of mine, but little did I know that I was secretly entertaining A LOT of it in a very corrupted way.

After only ONE month in the Dragon Academy I am able to hold insane amounts of true euphoria, but also my vision is wiped clean of the massive amounts of distortion the Shadow Euphoria was causing in my system and that was making things harder than they need to be.

Gitte has been relentless in not letting me avoid digging into my shadows with the exact kind of ruthless, savage honesty that is  required to actually get anywhere with this type of work. 

I have clarity and power like never before.”

Sylvia Swann

How the Shadow Alchemy changed everything in Sophie Charlotte's life.

Sophie Charlotte is a spiritual entrepreneur who, like so many, had a hard time creating a money overflow with her Life and Horse Medicine coaching business in spite of creating amazing results for her clients. 

She had tried, like so many, various programs and coaches with little result. 

She came into Shadow Alchemy Bootcamp, knowing that this would be where she took a stand for herself. 

She picked up her sword and went to battle, fiercely alchemizing each shadow that came up, tedious and unglamorous as it was. 

Guess who is winning now?

 3 months to shapeshift and live as a dragon. 

3 months to upgrade the operating system of your consciousness from shadow to guaranteed success.

3 months to ignite your dragon fire and powerful magic. 

“My sister tagged me in this meme [“sometimes the coach you need to hire is you”] a while back, saying I’m strong enough, already invested enough, already know enough…. 

Which of course is great she sees my power BUT…… 

This may be true often,  unless that “coach” is a Gitte.

I’m not a fan of normal style coaching. She is not a coach. POWER FKN GUIDE. 

What’s been revealed in the shadow Alchemy bootcamp, Holly shit. 

The stuff that’s hidden from yourself and so often your own eyes don’t see it due to shadow blinding you. 

Moment after moment, blown away. 

It’s not easy staring your own shit right in the eyes and battling forward. Having a Gitte by your side, really is like having that wise dragon energy as you battle forward. 

Never received a service like this in all my time. 

Although she’s by my side, it’s not mamby pamby either. Power Back… “

Bryanna Black

Dragons show up in life differently than non-dragon people. 

Different things matter to them. 

They do business differently. 

And I’ll bring all that out of you in the Shapeshifter Portal 3 months mastermind. 

Be prepared to shapeshift and free your true dragon nature. 

Go wild. 

Go fierce. 

Go commanding.

Go dangerous.

And let the world taste that hint of danger that is such an intrinsic part of you.

Sign up, and I promise you I’ll meet you with all my dragon fury and power.

The Shapeshifter portal

3 x 90 min live coaching each month

Private online space for daily mentoring and feedback

3 months, starting March 1

Pay in Full: €3.9k

Payment plan: 3 x €1.3k

Choose Your Payment

- and i'll see you in the portal

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