January 30 - February 8, 2023

In Egypt, we will experience alien and cosmic realms as we discover the secret codes of civilisations lost beyond history.
The Great Pyramids. 
The Enigma of the Sphinx.
The Imperial Codes of Luxor. 
As more and more higher codes are activated within us with every Power Place we visit, we’ll leave this spacetime reality and enter into the Waking Dream of our Genius world. 
The Unimaginable Euphoria awaits. 

And when you return, you’ve become someone else. 

It turns out it was exactly who you wanted to become.

There’ll be a real and concrete shift in your life as a result. 

You’ll love it.  

The pilgrimage is divided between cairo and luxor

During the pilgrimage we’ll visit many of the most famous sacred sites but also discover off the beaten track Power Places.

Every day, we stop at several Power Places as the energy guides us, so that everything happens at the precise place, at the precise time, in the precise order so that we are elevated and catapulted into our future reality. 

Interested in knowing more about what this mystical pilgrimage is like?

Of course, I can’t tell you because neither you nor I know what is in store for us but you can get some idea by reading these posts from previous pilgrimages. 

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The Alchemist's Garden

Arrival in Cairo latest January 29, departure from Cairo earliest February 9.

The Pilgrimage starts on January 30 at breakfast and ends with dinner on February 8.

We’ll stay several nights in Cairo before heading to Luxor for the remainder of our time. 

We will spend most of our time outdoors so make sure you bring suitable clothes and shoes for walking long distance, light hiking and appropriate outer wear. 

As it can get chilly during the evening, or even sitting still for an extended time make sure to pack for layering. 

Bring a small day pack for water, snacks and extra clothes.


Single accommodation

Return flight from Cairo to Luxor

All meals

All fees

All transportation with private driver

Local guide

Price: €14k

Questions? Send an email to [email protected].

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