January 30 - February 8, 2023
6 spots only

In Egypt, we will experience alien and cosmic realms as we discover the secret codes of civilisations lost beyond history.
The Great Pyramids. 
The Enigma of the Sphinx.
The Energetic Codes of Luxor. 
What secrets do you hold for us, Egypt?
A couple of practical things:
If you already know you are going, I recommend you claim your spot, since the trip is limited to 6 people. You can use the pay buttons below to put in a deposit or pay in full.
You will want to arrive in Scotland no later than October 14 and leave on October 23. 
As details land, they will be emailed to you when you sign up below. 

(Except for the ones that need to remain a mystery.)

I can’t wait.  

more Details forthcoming

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