A mystical retreat in Italy

August 28 - September 4

Wild Mystique is wildly mystical and magical sojourn into the timeless, mythical world of Earth codes and your Giant Divine Genius.

It is THE portal to shapeshift into a dragon and arrive in your dragon world.

You'll experience insanely potent activations as we travel through portals and to power places, and submit to the specific codes of each carefully curated experience, letting them propel us into our most euphoric life and forward in time.

Time stands still.

Endless, boundless, infinite.

Mystical, magical.

The Void. 

Dragon codes revealed.

The diamond frequency deeply experienced. 

The purest Earth codes.

Portals to Otherwhere.

Skipping ahead in time. 

Your dragon world.

You can go on a retreat to relax and do yoga, detox and de-stress. 

You can go on a retreat to work on your business.

Or you can go on a truly multidimensional retreat to immerse yourself in your Genius magic, to activate your codes of divine potency, and to leave the world of humans all together. 

Sounds out of this world, doesn’t it?

I assure you, it’s very real. 

And it’s true, it IS out of this world.  

You will connect with the purest Earth codes while at the same time you’ll leave Earth completely. 

You will shapeshift into a dragon as we activate dragon codes that have been held in secret until now, waiting for the exact right time to be released into the world. 

That time is Now. 

I know it doesn’t make logical sense. 

There is a reason the name of this retreat is Wild Mystique. 

Wild, because there is nothing tame and ordered about what happens, it is all about dancing through one portal after another as they open with short notice, submitting the mystery of not knowing where we will portal through to. 

Mystique, because our experience will defy explanation. They are not meant to be understood but to deeply and powerfully activate you into a new reality. 

It will be the most euphoric week of your life.

It will feel SO right. 

It will feel so natural, that you wonder why you are not living like that all the time. 

You won’t realize until the retreat has ended how far you’ve truly traveled into another dimension. 

And then you find yourself in absolute awe.

As a dragon. 

In your dragon world. 

We will be staying at the remote organic farm and healing center, Terra Selvativa (Wild Earth), in the mountains of central Italy with the gorgeous vistas, infinite tranquility and daily foodgasms. 

Terra Selvatica itself is a portal. 

The retreat is also portal, to many portals.

And these are some of the other portals you’ll travel through:

Code Mastery – to upgrade your life to levels of pure euphoria, true freedom and supreme power, to shapeshift into a dragon.  

Mystic Dancing – archetypal portal dances for your soul, body, mind and spirit channels of consciousness.

Two day trips to power places – tangible entries into the new alien Earth, home frequency of your dragon world. 

An abundance of beautiful Nothing – the Dark portal world, animated by our Dark energy body.

Wild Mystique Retreat

August 28 - September 4

MetaMystique retreat in Italy

Price: €8k
Payment plan optional, contact [email protected] to arrange.


  • Single room accommodation
  • All meals and snacks
  • Transportation and meals on day trips to power places
  • Transportation from and to local train station or airport

Wild Mystique Retreat

August 28 - September 4

The Myth

The week that mystically disappeared.

I already knew time stretches and expands when I run retreats; every single person has agreed that one day is experienced as one week.

But on the last retreat we left this timeline completely.

Eva, my VIP client, and I spent a week together in the Wild Mystique retreat. The first night there she told me she could feel time slowing down, until it eventually stopped completely a few days later. And then it stopped even existing.

The days were timeless and eternal. We drifted through the days with no awareness of time. Even if we had set meal times, time didn’t exist in any real sense of the word, except as an indicator of a next action.

It wasn’t until we were on the way home again that we realized there was much more to it, and it wasn’t until several days ago that I fully grasped what had happened.

It blew my mind.

Traveling home from the retreat, I said to Eva at one point: “It’s weird, it’s like last week never happened.”

She felt that, too.

Then a bit later I said: “I feel as if I’ve been traveling for a whole day, not just a couple of hours. As if we traveled by train there, and by train back but with nothing happening in between.”

She felt that, too.

Crazy, right?

A few days ago, I realized this is actually EXACTLY what happened and it’s blowing my mind.


This week didn’t happen.

It actually did not happen on this timeline.

And we had indeed traveled a whole day, starting in the morning the week before leaving Firenze and returning in the evening of the same day.

MetaMystique is a portal world to mysteries.

It was always a significant part of its myth, I just never knew how literal it really was.

Questions? Send an email to [email protected].

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