“And never the twain shall meet.” 

In this case, the twain are Mystics and Money. 

Or, so it has been until now. 

It’s time to bring the two, being a mystic and making a lot of money, together. 

Not in perfect harmony but in a magical dance of brilliant genius, purest self-expression and your most powerful magic. 

welcome to the world of metamystique

where you step through the portal to energy mastery, magic and multidimensional mystical experiences.

A mystical Pilgrimage to places of power in Egypt and into your Genius world.

POSTPONED Jan. 30 – Feb. 8, 2023

A 2.5 hrs hands-on workshop on Shadow Alchemy 

February 6, 2023

Shadow Alchemy.

Pure power awakened. 

Giant Diving Genius activated.


Your unique magic.

Your dragon business.

Dragon wealth.


Power Places.

Sacred Sites.

Timeline skips.

Soul shaking potency.

Mystical experiences.

Portals to Elsewhere.

Immersion in your Genius world.

It’s your free starter kit. Be curious and join.

Ignite is your introduction to how the codes of your operating system has a direct impact on how much and how easily you make money. 

You have all the power to make money already in you, but shadow codes derails that power into repelling money. 

Gitte’s free Facebook group

Join the MetaMystique Facebook group to get access to all the new content including Gitte’s frequent potent livestreams on all things Shadow Alchemy, power places, dragon codes, and Giant Genius, business and money and more. 

The content is a goldmine for you to take advantage of. 

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