I will take you on a journey, a journey that takes you to shadow to your giant divine Genius

to complete Freedom from the tyranny of shadow

to full ownership of your pure creator power 

to Activation and animation of your Giant divine Genius 

to Creation of your Dragon Business & wealth

A Mystical Pilgrimage to your Genius world

Malta, December 1-5

3 months immersion into mastering Shadow Alchemy

Begins December 7

Shadow Alchemy.

Pure power awakened. 

Giant Diving Genius activated.


Your unique magic.

Your dragon business.

Natural wealth.

Power Places.

Sacred Sites.

Earth Codes.

Soul shaking potency.

Mystical experiences.

Portals to Elsewhere.

Immersion in your Genius world.

It’s your free starter kit. Be curious and join.

Ignite is your introduction to Code Mastery and how much which codes you animate influence how much money you create. 

Shadow and Power codes are shown in the context of human evolution and consciousness. 

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The content is a goldmine for you to take advantage of. 

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