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Welcome to MetaMystique

The air is warm at the MetaMystique – no doubt just a hint of what you’re leaving behind. It is sure to be cooler within the caves.

Making up your mind to befriend the dragon once and for all, you walk past the Guardian of the MetaMystique and make your way deep into the caves.

With every step, the dragon watching you.
You can feel its fierce protectiveness over the Lores and Mythical treasure hidden here.

You venture deeper still.

You stumble upon a rocky path with an ancient building standing in stillness at the end of the road.

You know that’s where you’re meant to be.
Where you’ll find the answers to the mysticism and magic that you’ve been searching for your whole life.

As you enter the building via one of its many archways, it becomes clear to you: This is a school of pure mystery.

Your Portal to Power. Your Threshold to Magic.

You look up to see a beautiful glass ceiling bringing through pure light as a dragon flies overhead.

You have entered the portal. The secrets of this place are now available to you.



Gitte Lassen

Founder and CEO of MetaMystique

A six-figure mystical pilgrim, activator and coach, Gitte’s magic centers around taking people into a visceral experience of their Giant Divine Genius world.

She leads people on potent mystical pilgrimages to Power Places and Sacred Sites around the world, where they get saturated with activated Genius codes. As they enter the field of MetaMystique, itself a portal world which hosts portals to their Genius worlds, they leave normal spacetime behind and exist entirely in their Genius world. 

As some participants have said, it’s like skipping ahead two years in their timeline, with how profoundly and concretely they’ve changed. 

With her pitch perfect ability to see and activate people’s Genius, Gitte helps her clients identify, unleash, decode, and submit to living that most potent magic.

In addition she runs the Dragon Academy, a year long online program for people to create their piercing, inverted, unequaled, luxurious, lucrative Dragon Business as a pure and euphoric expression of their Genius.

When new clients enter her world, she tells them: It’s the end of the world as you know it.  

Because it is. 

Gitte’s magic is powerfully and precisely potent. 

Monumental, mystical, and magnificent changes await her clients.

The portal to an unimaginable life has opened.


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